LibertyGreen is a new member of GreenPick

Would you like to find sustainable services, products and consumption alternatives? Greenpick.ch presents you with alternatives from Swiss SMEs and organizations, which excel in at least three areas of sustainability. This now also includes LibertyGreen's 3a pension solutions.

GreenPick was developed by independent makers, who want a practical solution for a healthy and sustainable everyday life. Since its successful crowdfunding in November 2020, the platform has already presented over 300 sustainable solutions from the German-speaking area of Switzerland – spanning from nutrition, housing, the circular economy and finance. Together with local pioneers of change, GreenPick wants to shape a future that is not only rich in prosperity.

The founders are convinced, that if sustainable solutions and climate-friendly alternatives become more visible, it will be easier for us all to reduce our ecological footprint - or even to leave climate-positive traces. With their social startup, GreenPick supports people, who are actively seeking a re-entry into working life. This was made possible thanks to the support of institutions such as SVA Zurich, IV Solothurn, Stiftung Berufslehrverband Zurich and organizations for professional integration such as Fokusarbeit or the Schweizer Arbeitshilfswerk SAH.

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