LibertyGreen Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings is a new member of Swiss Sustainable Finance

The Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) association was founded in 2014 to promote sustainability in the Swiss financial market, and to strengthen Switzerland's position as a leading global center for sustainability in the financial system. For financial actors, this means integrating environmental, social and corporate governance aspects into decision-making.

Swiss Sustainable Finance brings together financial as well as non-financial service providers and unites investors, teaching institutions, public sector bodies and other interested organizations to whom the association provides a platform to promote the integration of sustainability principles in all financial services. SSF is today the first point of contact for information on sustainability in the financial system and helps to establish solid frameworks for it.

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Athletes Network: By Athletes for Athletes!

Liberty is a co-partner of the Athletes Network. Athletes supports active as well as former athletes from all fields (sports, artistry, dance) in their transition to a post-sport career. Whether planned or unexpected, as their active careers come to an end, athlete:s must redefine success. This is a challenge for each individual. They may have acquired skills during their careers as elite athletes that will be of great benefit in the business world. However, they need partners to help them impart them.

We, the members, are convinced that we can support the athletes in this change process!

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Healthy and climate-friendly living should be fun and easy for everyone. That's why GreenPick was hatched.

As a sustainability compass, GreenPick makes visible offers from Swiss entrepreneurs and organizations that are consistently committed to fair and sustainable solutions.

Consumer alternatives and climate-friendly services -  Let yourself be inspired.

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LibertyGreen is sponsor of S'Rindlisbachers. Laura and René Rindlisbacher offer a unique combination of father and daughter in the comedy field, which is incomparable because it has never existed in this form before. They provide new momentum for LibertyGreen.

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