LibertyGreen: Helping the environment while saving for retirement, and saving taxes too.

Even added together, your AHV/AVS pension and your pension fund benefits will barely enable you to maintain your standard of living in retirement. If you are now at the start of your career, you are unlikely to receive more than half of your last earnings when you retire. If you want to have sufficient income for your retirement years, you should also invest in a private third-pillar retirement savings plan. What is more, you make immediate tax savings on the amounts invested.  

Are you committed to an environment that is intact? LibertyGreen enables you to invest in a carefully selected portfolio of individual companies that have adopted a sustainable approach. Responsible ecological, social and ethical investment from the first franc, and without additional management fees.

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Calculate your footprint

With this calculator you can immediately see what you can do with your money. with your money. For example, how much C02 you can save.

Your gross income per year in CHF

Payment to the third pillar in CHF

Transfer to LibertyGreen in CHF

Risk level

What are you doing for the environment?
0.68 metric tonnes greenhouse gas emissions saved per year
122'723.67 litres of water saved per year
2.81 tonnes of waste saved per year
2'633.40 Kilowatt hours (kWh) saved per year
With risk level 1 (account solution) you do not yet have an impact on the environment.
And how much tax can you save?
1'491.90 tax savings in the first year

Thanks to our calculator, you can compare the sustainability of your investment against the MSCI World Index.

The index published by MSCI covers some 1’600 companies from 23 industrialised countries. It is reputedly one the most important global stock market indexes.

We source our sustainability data from MSCI ESG Research. MSCI ESG is the largest global provider of sustainability analyses and ratings in the environmental, social and corporate governance fields.

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