SIX now offers access to a wide range of climate data sets

SIX is offering companies a new range of climate data. The data is intended to support companies in reporting and monitoring climate factors and in climate-related investment and risk decisions.

SIX now offers access to a large number of climate data sets. It provides its clients with simulated and reported emissions data from various providers on more than 33'000 companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide. The new climate-specific datasets expand SIX's existing coverage of fundamental environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and regulatory risk data. At the same time, the data supports market participants in meeting climate-related regulatory requirements and making more informed investment decisions.

The SIX climate data offering combines multiple data sets from established providers on regulatory, historical and forward-looking climate impacts, including MSCI and Inrate. In addition, SIX has recently entered into an agreement with the global environmental disclosure platform CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) to provide access to their comprehensive data on global greenhouse gas emissions across multiple industries.

ESG and climate risk data sets help to monitor investment decisions

Investors typically use a range of ESG and climate risk datasets to monitor their investment decisions, measure performance and meet regulatory disclosure requirements. This includes monitoring climate factors and disclosure requirements that are aligned with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework used globally. These include, for example, the UK regulations for climate-related financial information, the SEC regulations from the USA for the disclosure of climate data, the EU regulation on the disclosure of sustainable financial products (SFDR) and the Swiss SBA guidelines as well as the voluntary Swiss Climate Scores.

Increasing requirements due to regulatory control

SIX offers a single reliable data source covering climate-related data sets for the different needs of clients. These include investment, regulatory and risk management decisions. This creates significant added value for market participants as requirements increase due to increased regulatory scrutiny. «Understanding, measuring and managing climate risks and opportunities and their impact on investment decisions is critical for both market participants and policy makers. As more climate risk monitoring and reporting is mandated globally, the cost of compliance is increasing - both in terms of operations and specialist ESG resources», says Martina Macpherson, Head ESG Product Strategy and Management, Financial Information at SIX.

SIX currently works with established providers of basic and specific ESG and climate data in the market. The global financial information provider strives to offer its clients high-quality and seamlessly integrated ESG data, information services and solutions. This ambition will be significantly supported by the addition of these new climate data sets, emphasizes Macpherson.