Introduction to the Fee Schedule


because our fees are competitive.


because each service has a set fee.


because only we provide such fee schedules.


3a retirement savings account CHF 0.00
Securities account CHF 0.00
Collecting 3rd pillar assets CHF 0.00
Fees on fixed assets Max. 0.40 %
Early withdrawal per case with residence in Switzerland CHF 400.00
Advance withdrawal per case with residence abroad CHF 600.00
Pledge per case CHF 0.00
Emigration Service Standard per account CHF 475.00
Emigration Service Premium per account CHF 950.00
Obtaining confirmation of departure in Switzerland CHF 50.00
Obtaining the social security certificate EU/EFTA country CHF 100.00
Reclaiming the withholding tax from the tax office of the Canton of Schwyz CHF 475.00
Address research CHF 50.00
Change of strategy CHF 0.00
Liberty Connect (online access) CHF 0.00
Retirement (CH) CHF 0.00
Transfer to other pension funds CHF 0.00
Deliveries of securities (total fee per position) CHF 250.00
Independence, IV, death CHF 250.00

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